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Couldn't tell you how many bottles of cheap, red wine I've killed in the courtyard in front of Big Orange studio, down there in one of our great country's great cities of Austin, Texas. It's as if the atmosphere begs for it. It's as if not doing that would be a sad middle finger to letting the good times roll. Even more to this end, right across the street and off to the west about 50 feet is one, if not THE oldest known bar in the city and, while the Scoot Inn (formerly Red's Scoot Inn) has built a rather nice outdoor stage and fancied up the grounds a bit over the last five years, walk through the doors and into the barroom and you'll be whisked away to a drinking parlor for the ages. There's a floor that might as well be one made out of dirt, a small stage in the corner and a tiny bar from which to accept your poisons over. Sure, there are skee-ball machines in the other corner, but they aren't all that damaging to this vision.

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