Tom Morello to Release 'World Wide Rebel Tour' Doc

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The film, featuring 42 country-specific versions, will be available free of charge on May 1 to coincide with the "Occupy Guitarmy" music march, led by the artist himself.

Activist and musician Tom Morello has had his finger on the political pulse of the world, as well as his guitar, for several years now. So it comes as no surprise that the Harlem-born songwriter would deliver a free multi-cultural documentary with an emphasis on social inequality.

Filmed at the Henson studios in Los Angeles and directed by Bobby Roth (TV's Lost, Prison Break, The Mentalist), the 30-minute film features Morello performing live selections from The Nightwatchman album "World Wide Rebel Songs" including "Black Spartacus Heart Attack Machine" and "Save The Hammer For The Man," combined with a Q&A with Morello...

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