Birds Fly South

Release Date: 
August 31, 2012
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. You Don't Know
  2. Crash Test
  3. The Other Shoe
  4. Tell Me It's Alright
  5. Money
  6. Would It Really Be A Sin?
  7. Time
  8. One Word More
  9. Fool
  10. No Dancing
  11. Birds Fly South

The Mastersons are Brooklyn based husband-wife band who make “music that fuses indie pop and folk music with big, sweet melodies…” (Houston Chronicle.) Eleanor Whitmore and Chris Masterson spent most of the last year on tour with Steve Earle as an integral part of his band The Dukes and Duchesses.  Each night, Earle stepped aside mid-set and let the Mastersons play.  The young couple took the opportunity to introduce audiences to songs from their debut record Birds Fly South, which will be available from New West Records on April 10. 


The Mastersons worked with Grammy® Award Winning  Engineer Steve Christensen to  record their rootsy, melodic, twangy, pop songs. Chris and Eleanor showcase their musical talents playing most of the instruments on the record themselves.  They both play electric and acoustic guitar, mandolin, and high strung guitar with Chris also playing 12-string and resonator guitars while Eleanor also adds tenor guitars, violin, and baritone violin.