Half A Native

Release Date: 
March 3, 2015
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. What I’d Do
  2. Good As Gone
  3. Old Haunt
  4. Half A Native
  5. High Tones
  6. Miss Catalina 1992
  7. A Little Bit More
  8. Be Somebody Else
  9. The Heart Won’t Bend
  10. Icebreaker
  11. Pool Hall

Some places you feel like you only sort of fit in and it is this theme that permeates Houston based folk rock band Buxton’s new aptly titled album Half A Native. One of the leading lights of an emerging music scene from a city with a burgeoning youth culture, Buxton have won 2 Houston Press Music awards as best Houston Folk/Americana band as well as Best Male Vocals (Sergio Trevino).

Their new album ventures into vast sonic territories, sometimes pairing atmospheric piano with off-kilter electric guitar, blanketed by Trevino’s heart-clenched voice and melancholic but optimistic lyrics. “We take from a lot of different genres and present it in a way that I think is most honest for us,” Trevino says. “You'll hear rock, folk, country, ambience, and distortion, all interpreted through us.”

Recorded in Los Angeles with Thom Monahan (Peter, Bjorn & John, Devendra Banhart and Vetiver), the 11 new tracks broadcast a wandering sound, from the dusty tones of guitar-slinging anthems to lonesome acoustic affairs that look outward and within. Their latest effort is music for the search for home; the long journey to find somewhere, something, or someone that makes everything fall into place.