Written In Chalk

Release Date: 
March 3, 2009
New West Records
Release Type: 
  1. Ellis County
  2. Gasoline And Matches
  3. Don't Say Goodbye (With Patty Griffin)
  4. What You Gonna Do Leroy (With Robert Plant)
  5. Long Time
  6. One Part, Two Part (With Regina McCray)
  7. Chalk (With Patty Griffin)
  8. Everytime We Say Goodbye
  9. Hush, Sorrow (With Regina McCray)
  10. Memphis Jane
  11. June
  12. The Selfishness Of Man (with Emmylou Harris)

Buddy and Julie Miller have been writing and making music together since they first met and married over 20 years ago. Whether the end result was a Buddy record or a Julie record, they couldn't help but collaborate and influence each other's work. New West is excited to release their latest, WRITTEN IN CHALK, a true collaboration. The musical synergy this couple has with each other is clear on the record and is rounded out with a thoughtful country-soul vibe, emotional lyrics, outstanding musicianship and of course, Buddy's extraordinary guitar playing. Guests on the record include Robert Plant, Emmylou Harris, Patty Griffin, Regina and Ann McCrary and Larry Campbell. The record was recorded at the couple's home studio in Nashville, TN.