Jaime Wyatt - Neon Cross [Black Friday Exclusive Color Vinyl]

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  • 150g Purple & White Swirl Color Vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP
  • Limited Edition 2020 Pandemic Pressing

If there’s one lesson to be gleaned from Jaime Wyatt's latest album, Neon Cross, it’s that life goes on. And through it all—good times and bad, dreaming and desperation, there is truth. When it came to capturing that truth on tape, Wyatt had some assistance from Shooter Jennings, who produced Neon Cross. Together, she and Jennings boldly color outside the country lines, taking a wide-lens sonic and stylistic approach to the songs on Neon Cross.


Side A - 

  1. Sweet Mess
  2. Neon Cross
  3. L I V I N
  4. Make Something Outta Me
  5. By Your Side
Side B - 
  1. Just A Woman (feat. Jessi Colter)
  2. Goodbye Queen
  3. Mercy
  4. Rattlesnake Girl
  5. Hurt So Bad (feat. Shooter Jennings)
  6. Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain