The Deslondes - Roll It Out [Color Vinyl]

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  • 140g pylon orange color vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP

The Deslondes are a five-piece group of dudes from New Orleans. The band splits up songwriting and lead vocal duties among its five members, continuing its democratic ethos and musical versatility. Multiple members have released solo recordings between their sophomore release, Hurry Home (2016) and their previous release Ways & Means (2022). Now, with their latest record, Roll It Out, the band continues to build on their inventive take on New Orleans country and R&B. Roll It Out finds the band leaning on the country-folk of their debut along with the sometimes-psychedelic, electrified gospel-soul sound of their previous records. The sound will continue to draw comparisons to the country-funkiness of The Band,  Link Wray, and others but Roll It Out is the sound of a band that understands the history of American music, while embracing their own contemporary approach.


Side A - 

  1. Hold On Liza 
  2. Take Me Back 
  3. Lies I’ve Told 
  4. I’ll Do It 
  5. Grand Junction 
  6. Find The Ground 

Side B - 

  1. Pour Another Round 
  2. Old Plank Road 
  3. Who Really Loses 
  4. Go Out Tonight 
  5. Mercury On Parade 
  6. Line To Go 
  7. Drifter’s Wife