Various Artists - Songs For Slim [Deluxe CD]

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Slim Dunlap, former lead guitarist of the Replacements, suffered a serious stroke in February 2012. What started off as a few people trying to find a way to help a dear friend survive a medical crisis has turned into a true musical celebration. By having various artists cover Slim's excellent-but-overlooked original songs and auctioning them via limited edition 45s, the Songs For Slim series raised nearly $150,000 to help support Slim's family and offset the high cost of medical care. All of those tracks have been collected on a 2-CD set featuring 28 songs, including 10 new bonus recordings that weren't part of the auction series. The bonus material runs the gamut from Slim's classic songs to deep cuts to Slim-inspired original compositions. All proceeds go to the Slim Dunlap Fund. Features songs by The Replacements, Jeff Tweedy, Lucinda Williams, Steve Earle, John Doe, Soul Asylum, Frank Black, Deer Tick, Lucero, and more. 


Disc One -

  1. Busted Up - The Replacements
  2. Radio Hook Word Hit - Chris Mars
  3. Times Like This - Steve Earle
  4. Isn't It? - Craig Finn & Friends
  5. Partners In Crime - Lucinda Williams
  6. Nowheres Near - Tommy Keene
  7. Rockin' Here Tonight - The Minus 5 feat. Curtiss A
  8. Cozy - Tim O'Reagan & Jim Boquist
  9. Ain't No Fair (In A Rock 'N' Roll Love Affair) - Jakob Dylan
  10. Taken On The Chin - Joe Henry
  11. Just For The Hell Of It - John Doe
  12. From The Git Go - Deer Tick, Scott Lucas, Vanessa Carlton
  13. The King & Queen - Frank Black & The Suicide Commandos
  14. Ain't Exactly Good - You Am I
  15. Hate This Town - Patterson Hood
  16. Loud Loud Loud Loud Guitars - The Young Fresh Fellows
  17. Ballad Of The Opening Band - Jeff Tweedy
  18. From The Git Go - Lucero 


Disc Two - 

  1. Laugh It Up - Peter Holsapple
  2. Girlfriend - John Eller
  3. Little Shiva's Song - Soul Asylum
  4. Slim's Place - The Young Fresh Fellows
  5. Two By Two - Bee, Louie & Brien
  6. When I Fall Down - Chris Mars
  7. Chrome Lipstick - Chan Poling
  8. Times Like This - Frankie Lee
  9. Ballad Of The Opening Band - LP.ORG
  10. Love Lost - The West Saugerties Ale & Quail Club feat. John Sebastian