Angela Strehli - Ace Of Blues [CD]

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New West Records is proud to announce the revival of Antone's Records and the renaissance begins with Angela Strehli, one of the most legendary and iconic members of the Antone’s blues family. Mrs. Strehli is back with Ace Of Blues, her first solo release in 17 years and her first record with Antone’s since 1987’s Soul Shake. On Ace Of Blues, Strehli offers 12 rolling & funky tracks that celebrate and honor the classic influences that inspired her 50+ year career.  Presented with extensive liner notes and never-before-seen historical photos, Ace Of Blues cements Angela’s legacy as one of America’s premiere blues singers.


  1. Two Steps From The Blues   
  2. Person To Person 
  3. Ace Of Spades
  4. I Love The Life I Live
  5. You Never Can Tell 
  6. Gambler's Blues 
  7. Howlin' For My Darling
  8. Trying To Live My Life Without You
  9. Take Out Some Insurance
  10. More And More 
  11. I Wouldn't Mind Dying 
  12. SRV