Floating Action - Body Questions [CD]

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Seth Kauffman is Floating Action. Hailing from the small town of Black Mountain, NC Kauffman channels the collective creative energy that has been birthed and transferred between the mountains of the Swannanoa Valley. For his sixth proper studio album, Kauffman holed up in his own tiny studio and took from his experiences working with luminaries such as Dan Auerbach and Jim James and built upon them to further challenge his own style and sound by creating his most advanced work to date. Body Questions is a personal testament of the Floating Action vision, it is growth that challenges and exhilarates the sensory experience constructed in the form of extraordinary pop songs. 


  1. Taking Me A Little While
  2. Unrevenged
  3. No Surprise There
  4. House Of Secrets
  5. Earth-Shackles
  6. Don't Wake Me
  7. Hide Away Too Long
  8. Long Dark Shadow
  9. Call Out
  10. Body Questions
  11. Couldn't Be Yourself
  12. Fang & Furr