Shaver - Shaver’s Jewels [CD]

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'Shaver' was a band that featured both Billy Joe Shaver and his son, Eddy. As the NY Times once wrote, "Shaver makes music to burn down the honky-tonks." They also did a number of utterly gut-wrenching ballads. The band made five studio albums between 1993 and 2000 when, tragically, Eddy passed away. These 17 tracks are culled from those records.


  1. Georgia On A Fast Train
  2. Tramp On Your Street
  3. Highway Of Life
  4. Son Of Calvary
  5. You Can’t Beat Jesus Christ
  6. Cowboy Who Started The Fight
  7. Live Forever
  8. My Mother’s Name is Victory
  9. Thunderbird
  10. You Wouldn’t Know Love (If You Fell In It)
  11. Heart To Heart
  12. Love Is So Sweet
  13. Restless Wind
  14. You’re Too Much For Me
  15. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  16. Leavin’ Amarillo
  17. The Earth Rolls On