Buddy & Julie Miller - In The Throes [SIGNED CD]

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After forty years of marriage, Buddy and Julie Miller have learned to welcome a song however it arrives, questioning only where the song is taking them rather than where it originated. There’s no process, no assembly-line procedure, just an openness to those bursts of inspiration and those hours of refinement, which means their fourth album together, In the Throes, sounds lively and diverse, eccentric and slightly askew: a deeply soulful collision of mournful gospel, dusty country, cosmic blues, lusty rockabilly, ecstatic r&b, and anything else that crosses their minds.


  1. You’re My Thrill
  2. In The Throes
  3. Don’t Make Her Cry
  4. Niccolo
  5. I Love You
  6. The Last Bridge You Will Cross
  7. The Painkillers Ain’t Workin’
  8. Tattooed Tear
  9. I Been Around
  10. I’ll Never Live It Down
  11. We’re Leavin’
  12. Oh Shout