Ray Davies - Working Man's Café [CD/DVD]

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Ray Davies is the legendary lead singer, chief songwriter, and rhythm guitarist in The Kinks, one of the most long-lived of the British Invasion rock groups of the 1960s. Davies writes and sings nearly all their songs with the occasional contribution from his brother, Dave, who plays lead guitar in the group. During the '90s, The Kinks gradually became inactive and Davies pursued other projects, starting with his semi-fictional 1995 memoir, X-Ray.

In February 2008 Ray Davies released his second solo album, Working Man’s Café (New West Records / Ammal Records), follow up release to 2006’s Other People’s Lives. All 12 songs were written by Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame member Davies, and co-produced by Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Ray Kennedy. 

The Deluxe CD/DVD version contains 4 bonus tracks and exclusive audio and video released here for the first time. 


Disc One (CD) - 

  1. Vietnam Cowboys
  2. You're Asking Me
  3. Working Man's Cafe
  4. Morphine Song
  5. In A Moment
  6. Peace In Our Time
  7. No One Listen
  8. Imaginary Man
  9. One More Time
  10. The Voodoo Walk
  11. Hymn For A New Age
  12. The Real World
  13. Angola (Wrong Side Of The Law) (Bonus Track)
  14. I, The Victim (Rough mix from Davies' project, Ripper
  15. Vietnam Cowboys (Bonus Demo Track)
  16. The Voodoo Walk (Bonus Demo Track) 

Disc Two (DVD) - 

  1. Americana: A Work In Progress (a film by Ray Davies)