Jon Dee Graham - The Great Battle [CD]

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With The Great Battle, Jon Dee Graham continues his humble, rugged explorations, energized by unsinkable hope and muscular, electrifying grooves. Continuing his critically acclaimed series of solo discs, Jon Dee continues to hone his craft and, incredibly, push the arc upward on The Great Battle. The album is propelled by a mix of gorgeous acoustic pieces and blistering, Crazy Horse rock 'n roll grind. When all is said and done, Jon Dee Graham makes it pretty damned clear that The Great Battle cannot be WON - it can only be FOUGHT. 


  1. Twilight
  2. I Don't Feel That Way
  3. Majesty of Love
  4. The Great Battle
  5. E. 11th Street
  6. Lonesome Valley
  7. Robot Moving
  8. The Change
  9. Something To Look Forward To
  10. Harvest
  11. Sleep Enough To Dream
  12. World So Full