Drive-By Truckers - Greatest Hits 1998-2009 [CD]

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Compiled by Patterson Hood, the first ever "Best Of" collection for the acclaimed band features songs from Southern Rock Opera, Decoration Day, The Dirty South, A Blessing & A Curse, Brighter Than Creations Dark, and The Fine Print


  1. The Living Bubba
  2. Bulldozers And Dirt
  3. Ronnie And Neil
  4. Zip City
  5. Let There Be Rock
  6. Marry Me
  7. Sink Hole
  8. Carl Perkins' Cadillac
  9. Outfit
  10. The Righteous Path
  11. Gravity's Gone (remix)
  12. Never Gonna Change
  13. 3 Dimes Down
  14. Lookout Mountain
  15. Uncle Frank (alternative version)
  16. A World Of Hurt