Drive-By Truckers - Live From Austin, TX [CD/DVD]

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Others may point to their kick-ass rock and roll sound and solid musicianship, but what stands out for me when I listen to Drive-By Truckers are the songs. Stylistically, the Truckers weave a little bit of punk along with old time country, pop, and R&B into their rock sound, but whichever muse they happen to follow, "they let the songwriting speak for itself," as Rolling Stone wrote, "and it sings loud and clear." As founding member Patterson Hood says, "Inter-connected themes explored by three different writers in the band (with three very different points of view) has always been a hallmark of what sets our band apart."

Hood's and musical partner Mike Cooley's survival instincts are still sharp and have served them well through seven albums over 25 years. Band members may come and go, but the Truckers continue to survey the modern South with a complex blend of realism-tempered pride and compassionate but uncompromising analysis. This is their first performance on ACL, recorded on September 26, 2008, and fulfills a long–time dream. "As someone who's watched this show since I was a little boy, it's one of those things I've most wanted to do, always." Hood comments. In addition to fan favorites like "Let There Be Rock,""Marry Me," and an over-the-top eleven minute version of "18 Wheels of Love," the show highlights songs from their most recent CD, Brighter Than Creation's Dark, which Hood not only calls “by far our most eclectic, yet cohesive album ever,” but in his humble opinion, their best album ever.

Judge for yourself, as you enjoy the amazing steel guitar licks of John Neff, the solid drum work of Brad Morgan, keyboards by Jay Gonzalez, and bass by Shonna Tucker, who marks her debut as a songwriter. Overall, they've built an amazing body of work and maintained their reputation as "the boldest and baddest Southern band in the land." As Hood reflects, "it's been a fun journey." And it ain't over yet, by a long shot.

- Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

  • Remastered in 5.1 DTS surround sound and 2.0 stereo
  • NTSC, Region Free
  • 82 mins


  1. Perfect Timing
  2. Heathens
  3. A Ghost To Most
  4. The Righteous Path
  5. I'm Sorry Huston
  6. 3 Dimes Down
  7. Puttin' People On The Moon
  8. Space City
  9. The Living Bubba
  10. Zip City
  11. 18 Wheels Of Love
  12. Let There Be Rock
  13. Marry Me

Recorded September 26, 2008