Ghostland Observatory - Live From Austin, TX [DVD]

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Uncompromising...audacious...frantic...transformative. These are only words, and words alone can't do justice to the phenomenon that is Ghostland Observatory. Experience the inferno of this band's live shows and you'll start to get it. As one pundit quipped, "It's tough to believe just two dudes create this monstrosity of sound!" Two small-town Texas dudes with very distinct personalities: producer/drummer Thomas Turner, heavily influenced by electronic artists from Daft Punk to Green Velvet and rockers like The Clash, and frontman Aaron Behrens, who was singing Jerry Lee Lewis' "Great Balls of Fire" when he was 9 and whose charisma inspires comparisons to Freddie Mercury and Prince.

-Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

  • DVD
  • Remastered in 5.1 DTS surround sound and 2.0 stereo
  • NTSC, Region Free
  • 65 mins


  1. Piano Man
  2. Ghetto Magnet
  3. Stranger Lover
  4. Vibrate
  5. Sad Sad City
  6. All You Rock & Rollers
  7. Shoot 'Em Down
  8. Midnight Voyage
  9. -Arpeggio Build-
  10. Move With Your Lover
  11. Heavy Heart
  12. Robotique Majestique
  13. Silver City
  14. Rich Man

    Recorded August 10, 2005

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