Fats Domino - Live From Austin, TX [CD]

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In my humble opinion, this is the definitive Fats Domino performance ever captured on camera. First of all, like his hero Louis Armstrong a generation earlier, Fats is synonymous with New Orleans. Not to mention the early days of rock-and-roll. Who doesn't love the infectious lyrics and floating melodies of "Blueberry Hill," "Ain't That A Shame," "I'm Walkin'," "I'm In Love Again," or "Blue Monday?"Ā 

Music was practically a birthright for Antoine Domino, Jr., one of nine kids from a poor family. He never made it past 4th grade, but he was already playing boogie-woogie piano. By the time he cut his first record at 21, he already stood out form the crowd with his baby face smile, rollicking beat and that magic voice - youthful, war and rich. Despite all the hits, his record don't do justice to the incredible excitement and energy of his live shows, driven by one of New Orleans' preeminent bandleaders and Fats' mentor, Dave Bartholomew.Ā 

-Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City LimitsĀ®)

  • CD
  • Stereo


  1. Iā€™m Walkinā€™Ā 
  2. My Blue HeavenĀ 
  3. Blue MondayĀ 
  4. Iā€™m ReadyĀ 
  5. My Girl JosephineĀ 
  6. I Want To Walk You Home
  7. Iā€™m In Love Again
  8. Let The Four Winds Blow
  9. Poor Me
  10. Walkinā€™ To New OrleansĀ 
  11. Shake, Rattle And RollĀ 
  12. Ainā€™t That A ShameĀ 
  13. I Hear You Knockinā€™
  14. Blueberry HillĀ 
  15. Your Cheatinā€™ Heart
  16. Three Nights A WeekĀ 
  17. All By Myself

Recorded October 22, 1986

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