Dalton Domino - Songs From The Exile [CD]

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2017-2018 was a year I spent in exile. A year I felt like I spent alone. It was a year I spent learning how to look the things that kept me prisoner in the eye and let them go. I learned gratitude. I learned how to forgive. I learned that the mistakes and ghosts of the past are okay to befriend. They are what make you who you are today. This record is a collection of songs that are about specific moments in my life where I felt wronged, where I did things that were wrong. And they are about moments that faced head on. I’m proud of this album. And I am a different person because of the time I spent writing this album. - Dalton Domino


1. Happy Alone

2. The Nerve

3. Dead Roses

4. Better Now

5. Love is Dangerous

6. Hush Puppy

7. All I Need

8. Shadowlands

9. Half Bloods

10. I Still See You

11. Daddy's Mud

12. Cheap Spanish WIne

13. Welcome Home