James McMurtry - Childish Things [CD]

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While 2005's Childish Things isn't an overtly political record, the centerpiece has to be "We Can't Make It Here," McMurtry's commentary on the state of the union. McMurtry made the songs available as a free download on his website during the 2004 election. The response to the track was immediate and overwhelming and the song continues to be one of the most requested on stations across the country. Stephen King described the song as "stark and wrenchingly direct, this may be the best American protest song since [Bob Dylan's] 'Masters of War.'" McMurtry's 2005 studio album Music industry pundit, Bob Lefsetz, declared "We Can't Make It Here" the Song of the Decade. Childish Things has scanned over 60,000 units to date.



1. See The Elephant

2. Childish Things

3. We Can't Make It Here

4. Ole Slew Foot

5. Bad Enough

6. Six-Year Drought

7. Old Part of Town

8. Charlemagne's Hometown

9. Pocatello

10. Holiday