Luther Dickinson and Sisters of the Strawberry Moon - Solstice [Limited Edition Color Vinyl]

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  • 150g Turquoise Blue color vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP

The stars aligned and the strawberry moon coincided with the 2016 summer solstice. Our recording session felt like a pot-luck dinner - a group of interesting new friends convened and marveled at what was brought to the table. “Oh, a gut-string banjo and a clarinet? Check out this Mississippi bamboo cane fife and funky beats. Is it ok if I sing this harmony? Wow, listen to how our voices blend together...”

The music came together and flowed organically, as did the band name. The Sisters of the Strawberry Moon passed the mic, family style, backing each other up with sympathy and empathy, enjoying their new found chemistry. With instruments as ingredients and songs as recipes, the Sisters of the Strawberry Moon stirred up lovely new concoctions as well as fresh interpretations of family heirloom songs we hold dear. We believe music is a celebration of life and folk music an expression of community and family, and Solstice is an artifact of our new friendship and musical fellowship.

- Luther Dickinson (December 3, 2018)


Side A - 

  1. Superlover feat. Birds of Chicago
  2. Fly With Me feat. Sharde Thomas
  3. Hallelujah (I’m a Dreamer) feat. Amy LaVere
  4. Like A Songbird That Has Fallen feat. Amy Helm
  5. Kathy feat. Birds of Chicago
  6. Hold To His Hand feat. The Como Mamas
Side B - 
  1. The Night Is Still Young feat. Amy LaVere
  2. Sing To Me feat. Amy Helm
  3. We Made It feat. Sharde Thomas
  4. Cricket (At Night I Can Fly) feat. Amy LaVere
  5. Til It’s Gone feat. Birds of Chicago
  6. Search Me feat. The Como Mamas