Neko Case - Live From Austin, TX [Vinyl]

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This debut ACL performance on August 9, 2003, captures songs from Neko Case’s three seminal solo releases at the time, combining elements of country, gospel and punk for a very unique sound. That’s why pundits often find the music hard to classify. Which is a good thing. Her voice has been described as lush, torchy, melancholic - even scary (someone once wrote that “she sings like Patsy Cline’s ghost”). She certainly doesn’t sound like anything else on today’s hit parade. Neko began her career as a drummer in a punk band, but it wasn’t long before she started experimenting with songwriting and singing. She also continues to perform as a member of The New Pornographers, but her solo work is where her songwriting skills shine most. As she herself says, “I want to write songs that are timeless...maybe just something more like a novel than a short story.”

- Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

  • Pressed on vinyl for the first time
  • 180g black vinyl
  • 1-LP


Side A -

  1. Favorite
  2. Outro With Bees
  3. Behind The House
  4. Ghost Wiring
  5. Deep Red Bells
  6. Knock Loud
  7. Hex

Side B -

  1. Maybe Sparrow
  2. Wayfaring Stranger
  3. Furnace Room Lullaby
  4. In California
  5. Buckets Of Rain
  6. Look For Me (I’ll Be Around)
  7. Alone And Forsaken

Recorded August 9, 2003

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