Stan Ridgway - Holiday In Dirt [DVD]

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The HOLIDAY IN DIRTY DVD contains short films from Phil Harders (Incubus, Matchbox 20, Remy Zero), Rick Fuller (Paul Westerberg, Barenaked Ladies, Wilco), Carlos Grass (Cracker, Oasis, L7) Jim Ludtke (The Residents) and the man who may have created the first music video Chuck Statler (Devo, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe). It is a must have for fans of Stan Ridgway as well as for fans of music videos and independent films. 


  1. Beloved Movie Star
  2. Operator Help Me
  3. Time Inside
  4. End Of The Line
  5. Garage Band '69
  6. Bing Can't Wait
  7. Brand New Special and Unique
  8. After The Storm
  9. Floundering
  10. Amnesia
  11. Whatever Happened To You
  12. Act Of Faith
  13. Beloved Movie Star Redux
  14. Behind Closed Doors