Stephen Bruton - Nothing But the Truth [CD]

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"If you’re the type of music fan who’s as interested in the names on the back of the record as the front, chances are you’ve seen Stephen Bruton’s name a few times over the past three decades. He’s worked as a guitarist and/or producer with the likes of Kristofferson, Burnett, McClinton, Costello, Gilmore, Escovedo, Nelson, Jennings, Dylan and Raitt.

Bruton’s earlier solo efforts (What It Is in 1993 and Right On Time in 1997) were chock-full of Texas roadhouse rock. On his third release, Nothing But The Truth, he has mined his varied influences for a sound that’s more Louisiana Delta than Lone Star State. 

Bruton truly shines on the ballads; his soul-bearing lyrics and world-weary voice perfectly complement the well-crafted music. The beautiful “Under The Horizon” (featuring Jennifer Warnes on backing vocals) and “Against My Will” (co-written with Dillon O’Brian) stick to your brain on the first listen. Such tracks suggest Bruton should be as well-known for his songwriting as he is for his producing and prodigious playing." - No Depression


  1. Nothing But The Truth
  2. Nobody Gets Hurt
  3. When Love Finds You
  4. That's Love
  5. Everything Happens For A Reason
  6. Dogs May Bark
  7. Trip, Stumble, and Fall
  8. Against My Will
  9. Trip Around The Sun
  10. She's The Reason
  11. Under The Horizon
  12. The King of Everything
  13. Spirit Lake