Cicada Rhythm - Cicada Rhythm [Vinyl]

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  • 180g black vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP
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A Juliard-trained standup bassist and a train-hopping troubadour walk into a bar…sounds like the lead into a nerdy joke, but it’s not. It is the recipe that yielded the elegant and eponymous Normaltown Records debut from Cicada Rhythm. A diverse and adventurous 12-song collection that slides easily between folk, rock, blues and Americana, each song soars with an authenticity crafted by primary members Andrea DeMarcus and David Kirslis. The pair met by accident, bonded over musical collaboration, fell in love and the result is a unique interplay that can’t be faked. Sweet vocal harmonies, walking bass lines, spirited finger picking, mournful pedal steel, bowed bass and natural storytelling are all here.

Cicada Rhythm was recorded in a diverse range of environments (from various studios to a 200-year-old church) with acclaimed producer Drew Vandenberg (Drive-By Truckers, Deerhunter, of Montreal) at the helm. The quest to match these authentic surroundings to the songs has molded an album that feels as natural as the relationship that birthed it.


Side A - 

  1. The Keeper
  2. Dirty Hound
  3. Walking Late
  4. In The Garden
  5. Static In My Dream
  6. Shadows Before You
Side B - 
  1. Round Yellow Suitcase
  2. The Farmer
  3. I’m Sorry Charlene 
  4. Werewolf
  5. Do Not Destroy
  6. Ms. Eloise