Acetone - If You Only Knew [Vinyl]

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  • 140g black vinyl
  • 12", 2-LP, gatefold

If You Only Knew is now pressed on vinyl for the first time ever. This 2-disc version is pressed on black vinyl and inserted into a full art gatefold. Originally slated for a vinyl release, the audio was eventually released solely on CD and promo cassette.


Side A - 

  1. If You Only Knew
  2. I Don’t Really Care
  3. In The Light

Side B -

  1. I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand
  2. The Final Say
  3. When You’re Gone

Side C -

  1. Hound Dog
  2. 99
  3. What I See

Side D -

  1. Nothing At All
  2. Esque
  3. Always Late