Randall Bramblett - Now It’s Tomorrow [CD]

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For over 35 years, music fans in Atlanta, Athens, Greenville and Charleston have had the privilege of keeping multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter Randall Bramblett pretty much a secret. Fortunately, with his new album, Now It’s Tomorrow out on New West Records, everyone can experience what Gregg Allman, Widespread Panic, R.E.M. and Chuck Leavell, have attested to - Bramblett is a true musical treasure.

Now It’s Tomorrow, his 7th solo album and 4th on New West, blends in sharp songwriting, soulful horns and subtle psychedelic grooves. Bramblett has a flair for lyrics while writing about subjects everyone can relate to. From “Blue Road” which showcases Bramblett’s rich, raspy voice as he takes his sweetheart on a drive down the wrong side of a dirt road to “Some Mean God,” a touching song that expresses Bramblett’s pain of losing his tour manager and very close friend. Bramblett wrote all 11 songs on the album, plays keys, sax and acoustic guitar and, of course, sings lead vocals.


  1. Sun Runs
  2. Everybody Glows
  3. Blue Road
  4. Let’s Go
  5. Some Mean God
  6. Mess About It
  7. Used To Rule The World
  8. Visions
  9. Don’t Waste Your Time
  10. You Better Move
  11. Where A Life Goes