Ronnie Fauss - Last Of The True [CD]

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"Last Of The True is a love letter to the artists and genres of music that I hold dear. When we were finished mixing, and I stepped back and listened to the thirteen songs we had recorded for this album, I realized we had touched a wide variety of places - from early 70’s Laurel Canyon folk-rock, to late 90’s alt-country rock ‘n’ roll, to Copperhead Road-era Steve Earle, to John Prine-inspired folk. It felt good to honor the type of music that has meant so much to me. These thirteen songs include ten originals and three was a privilege to pay homage to artists such as Bob Dylan, Uncle Tupelo, and Okkervil River by applying my perspective to their great songs, and it was also a privilege for Ben Kweller, the Austin-based indie-rock stalwart, to sing on a track that I had written - adding him to the mix on “Saginaw Paper Mill” took that song to a whole new level. The process of making this album also gave me the chance to get to know many gracious and generous people...sitting with them in various studios around Texas and Tennessee, coming up with parts and watching them do their magic was a very meaningful and rewarding experience that I will never forget. This album offers bar room Americana (“Big Umbrella”), quiet folk (“I Think We’re Going To Be Okay”), loud rock ‘n’ roll (“Twenty-Two Years”), and lush country-rock (“It’s A Choice”), just to name a few...and yes, there’s even a polka number. I’m excited to share these songs with you, and I hope you find something you enjoy...I hope you have as much fun listening to it as we did making it."

— Ronnie Fauss (August 2017)


  1. Big Leagues
  2. Twenty-Two Years
  3. New Madrid
  4. Being Alone
  5. I Think We’re Going To Be Okay
  6. Saginaw Paper Mill (featuring Ben Kweller)
  7. There Is An Irrigation Problem In Gilroy
  8. Big Umbrella
  9. It’s A Choice
  10. The Velocity Of Saul At The Time Of His Conversion
  11. Bright Lights Of L.A.
  12. No One To Blame But Yourself
  13. Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right