Shaver - Victory [Color Vinyl]

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  • 140g metallic gold color vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP
  • Gold Foil Printed Jacket
  • Individually Numbered 0001-2000 

In 1998, New West Records was in its infancy. The label had only released a handful of records before becoming fortunate enough to work with Shaver, a duo consisting of Billy Joe Shaver and his son, Eddy Shaver. The guitar virtuoso son and the outlaw-country hit-songwriter formed an incredible pair that would go on to release 6 critically acclaimed albums. 

Shaver had released three full length albums before signing to New West Records. Their fourth album, Victory, was released in 1998 and helped put the label on the map. The spiritual and almost confessional nature of the record combined with startling vocal performances helped put Billy Joe Shaver front and center again as well.

In celebration of 25 years working with this amazing catalog, New West Records is proud to release all three records on vinyl for the first time. Each record is pressed on one specific color of vinyl. These are one-time color pressings. These will not be pressed again. Each record is packaged in a colored foil paper sleeve with foil stamped sequential numbering 0001-2000. Each record is limited to 2000 copies. 


Side A - 

  1. Son Of Calvary
  2. You Can't Beat Jesus Christ
  3. Cowboy Who Started The Fight
  4. Live Forever
  5. I'm In Love
  6. If I Give My Soul 

Side B - 

  1. When The Fallen Angels Fly
  2. Christian Soldier
  3. My Mother's Name Is Victory
  4. Old Five and Dimers
  5. Presents From The Past
  6. The Bow And The Arrow