Drive-By Truckers - Live From Austin, TX [Test Pressing]

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The Drive-By Truckers Austin City Limits performance was recorded on September 23, 2008 during their Brighter Than Creation’s Dark tour. The band lineup featured Patterson Hood, Mike Cooley, Shonna Tucker, John Neff, Brad Morgan and Jay Gonzalez. Lauded by fans as an instant classic and hailed by Patterson Hood as the band’s best filmed performance to date, this acclaimed recording is now on vinyl for the first time ever. Pressed on 180g vinyl, this 2xLP package features a new alternate cover printed on a high quality gatefold jacket.

  • 150g black vinyl test pressing
  • 12", 2-LP


Side A - 

  1. Perfect Timing
  2. Heathens
  3. A Ghost To Most
  4. The Righteous Path
  5. I'm Sorry Huston
Side B - 
  1. 3 Dimes Down
  2. Puttin' People On The Moon
  3. Space City
  4. The Living Bubba
Side C - 
  1. Zip City
  2. 18 Wheels Of Love
Side D - 
  1. Let There Be Rock
  2. Marry Me

Recorded September 26, 2008