New West Records' COVID-19 Response

Are you still open for business?

We sure are! Our store and our company remain open – although we are working from a safe, work-from-home environment until further notice. While shipping timelines may be extended as a result of this reduced staffing, we continue to send out any and all purchases made. 

Where can I get music right now?


The entire New West Records catalog is available at streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and many more. 

Physical media

As of right now, we are still shipping physical orders from our web store worldwide. Please note that many countries have delayed or blocked incoming shipments, so be sure to check with your local postal services for the latest information. All our shipments originate from the United States, and US shipments are largely on schedule. Browse our collection and pick some new artists to check out.

Some independent record stores remain open with curbside pickup or delivery service. See below for more information!

How can I support the artists I love at this time?

Donate directly

Many artists have enlisted money service apps such as Venmo, Paypal and Cash App to receive direct donations from their fans – check the artists' social media accounts for information on how to send. 

Buy merchandise directly from the artist

Most artists have merchandise available for purchase on their website or merch stores. Check the individual artists' websites for more information. 

Tune in to livestreams

We are all missing live music, but in the meantime, many artists are turning to livestreaming services to perform for fans. Many streaming services offer a donation button during the performance, or an artist may choose to share their Venmo, Paypal or other payment details on their streams. 

Subscribe to artists' email lists, and follow their social pages to be informed when they may be going live. 

Donate to state- and national-level emergency funds for musicians and their teams

Artists and industry workers can qualify for programs which are open to contributions from the general public. The funds can be delivered directly to artists in need. We’ve listed a few options below. 

Additionally, Billboard maintains a regularly-updated list of resources – including state-by-state for artists and music professionals. 

Stream their music

Listening to your favorite artists – whether at streaming services or by downloading digital music – is a great way to contribute to the artist's bottom line. New West Records' entire catalog is available at all major digital platforms.

Are your artists still touring?

Currently, all tours are suspended. Follow along through artists’ social media pages or subscribe to their email lists to stay up-to-date with their tour information. 

At this time, we are unsure when tours will resume. Once information is available, we will update this page. 

How can I support local record stores right now?

You can buy a gift certificate directly from your local store. For store hours and availability see below.

Continue supporting your local record store by searching for the indie option. This usually denotes an exclusive independent record store variant. Search stores, artists and variants at

Indie Retail Information 

  • Redeye (Our North American distributor) has created a US map of indie retailers denoting which shops are open, operating online or entirely closed. Click HERE to view. 


  • HERE you can access an updated grid of Redeye survey results from over 200 indie retail stores with current hours, website info and social media links.


LOVE RECORD STORES is a high-profile, global initiative launched this week to help raise awareness about the plight of indie record shops during the current COVID-19 crisis.

  • Customers, musicians, artists, actors and celebrity music fans around the world are being asked to film short video clips of themselves talking about record stores that can be used across all forms of social media. Videos can be shared on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #loverecordstores.
    • STEP 1: Have a think about what independent record stores have meant to you, why it’s important to support them during this time and who you want to spotlight in your #LoveRecordStores video. 
    • STEP 2: Film the clip. Don’t forget to mention your favourite stores and ask people to take action by purchasing online! If you’ve got the skills, please add in the #LoveRecordStores logo to your video at some point (end is fine). 
    • STEP 3: Post the video on Instagram and/or Twitter on Thursday March 26th, using the hashtag #LoveRecordStores and don’t forget to @ tag the independent record stores you want to support! 

Got any other good ideas?

We're working on it, but there's a lot of other great resources out there from our friends at No Depression, NPR Music, and the Americana Music Association

If you have any other suggestions, let us know!