Cicada Rhythm - Everywhere I Go [Vinyl]

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  • 140g black vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP 
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Cicada Rhythm is Andrea DeMarcus and Dave Kirslis. Following their 2015 self-titled debut, the band consciously decided to build upon their homespun, stripped-down folk sound by bringing in more musicians and multiple producers to their latest record, Everywhere I Go. Recorded in a string of studios across the southeast, it’s a snapshot of a band on the move, with new members filling their lineup and a louder set of influences propelling their sound forward. There are roots-rock tunes, slow waltzes, front-porch folksongs and backwoods ballads, all delivered by a group of road warriors who’ve cut their teeth not only in the writing room, but on stage, too. Kenneth Pattengale (Milk Carton Kids) and Oliver Wood (The Wood Brothers) share production duties, giving Everywhere I Go a broad, diverse punch.

A sense of forward momentum sweeps its way throughout Everywhere I Go, whose very title conjures up a feeling of movement. DeMarcus and Kirslis write about the country unfolding outside their car window at highway speed, spinning stories not only about people and places, but poli-tics and social struggles, as well. Embracing Everywhere I Go as “a patchwork album,” Cicada Rhythm tracked its 12 songs in recording studios, living rooms, and gospel churches throughout Tennessee and Georgia. The album’s track list blends orchestral folk-pop and ramshackle roots-rock in equal numbers, giving Cicada Rhythm more fuel for their music-filled travels.

“We named the album after a line in ‘America’s Open Roads,’ but hopefully, this album will be our ticket to everywhere we go,” explains Kirslis. “Wherever we are, these songs will be with us.


Side A - 

  1. America's Open Roads
  2. Even In The Shallows
  3. Shake Up
  4. Dream Alone 
  5. Roses By My Side
  6. Straight Scared

Side B - 

  1. Out Alive
  2. Do I Deserve It Yet?
  3. Kaleidoscope Rose
  4. Where The Dogwood Dies
  5. Bare Minimum 
  6. Back Home