John Hiatt - Here To Stay: Best Of 2000-2012 [CD]

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The dawning of the new millennium coincided with a new chapter in the career of John Hiatt. After a quarter century of releasing records on major labels—five in all—he kicked off a now-13-year run as an independent artist, recording 8 albums (a pair of albums with Vanguard before moving to New West, his label home for more than a decade). These albums contain unflinching reflections on the bad old days, weighed against his latter-day front-porch serenity. The collection features 17 songs, at least two from each of the 8 albums released between 2000-2012 and the unreleased song "Here To Stay" featuring Joe Bonomassa on guitar.


  1. Crossing Muddy Waters
  2. Lift Up Every Stone
  3. My Old Friend
  4. Everybody Went Low
  5. My Baby Blue
  6. Circle Back
  7. Love’s Not Where We Thought We Left It
  8. Master Of Disaster
  9. Love You Again
  10. What Love Can Do
  11. The Open Road
  12. What Kind Of Man
  13. Damn This Town
  14. Adios To California
  15. We’re Alright Now
  16. Blues Can’t Even Find Me
  17. Here To Stay - with Joe Bonamassa (previously unreleased)