Jordan Zevon - Insides Out [CD]

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Insides Out is the debut solo album from Jordan Zevon (son of Warren Zevon and Tule Livingston). Dive straight in, get past making comparisons to his father's music, then indulge yourself in the glorious mix of rock/pop inspired by XTC, Elvis Costello, and the New Radicals. Jordan simply describes his sound by saying, "It's organic pop-rock. Something I always told my Dad to stick with. I hated when he used synthesizers and drum machines."

The first track, "Jokes On Me," co-written with pal Jordan Summers, was the winner of the 2006 USA Songwriting contest. Knowing it is time to get serious about his future, Jordan enlisted help from his longtime friends to help create and complete Insides Out. Along with standout tracks such as "This Girl" and "American Standard," Jordan does one cover. It is "Studebaker," one of his father's unreleased gems. Insides Out is a stunning debut that captures 10 perfectly crafted American rock songs, that is if you like smart lyrics and catchy guitar riffs all drenched in sublime harmonies. 


  1. The Joke's On Me
  2. This Girl
  3. Home
  4. Just Do That
  5. Camila Rhodes
  6. Insides Out
  7. American Standard
  8. Studebaker
  9. Payday
  10. Too Late To Be Saved