Nic Armstrong & The Thieves - Greatest White Liar [CD]

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The Greatest White Liar was released in 2005 and features "Broken Mouth Blues" (including a video version playable on your computer) as well as bonus track, "I Want To Be Your Driver."

"Rockin' blusey screamers and tuneful pop. Inspirational." - Mojo

"A truly exceptional singer" - Sunday Times

"Scratchy, lascivious" - NME


  1. I Can't Stand It
  2. Broken Mouth Blues
  3. In Your Arms On My Mind
  4. Down Home Girl
  5. On A Promise
  6. I'll Come To You
  7. Back In That Room
  8. Too Long For Her
  9. She Changes Like The Weather
  10. Natural Flair
  11. Scratch The Surface
  12. You Made It True
  13. The Finishing Touch
  14. Mrs. The Moraliser
  15. I Want To Be Your Driver (Bonus Track)
  16. VIDEO: Broken Mouth Blues