Old 97's - Alive & Wired [Deluxe CD]

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Alive & Wired, the Old 97’s first live CD, is a great value with 31 songs on two discs. The band has a reputation of consistently putting on some of the most fun and exciting live shows since they formed in the early 90’s. Alive & Wired proves that reputation is well founded. Recorded over two very hot summer nights at Gruene Hall outside of Austin, Alive & Wired is a must have CD for Old 97’s fans!


Disc One - 

  1. Melt Show
  2. New Kid
  3. Barrier Reef
  4. W. Tx Teardrops
  5. Lonely Holiday
  6. The Villain
  7. King Of All Of The World
  8. Salome
  9. Rollerskate Skinny
  10. The Other Shoe
  11. Coahuila
  12. Iron Road
  13. Wish The Worst
  14. Wont Be Home
  15. Doreen

Disc Two - 

  1. Jagged
  2. Designs On You
  3. Curtain Calls
  4. Mama Tried
  5. If My Heart Was A Car
  6. 4 Leaf Clover
  7. Stoned
  8. Oppenheimer
  9. Can’t Get A Line
  10. Cryin’ Drunk
  11. Big Brown Eyes
  12. Murder Or A Heart Attack
  13. Smokers
  14. Friends Forever
  15. Niteclub
  16. Time Bomb

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