Old 97's - Drag It Up [CD/DVD]

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The band’s classic 2004 album has been remastered from the original analog tapes with the band’s involvement. Perceived as their return to roots album, Rhett Miller’s lyrics show maturity and with hindsight see the new trajectory the band went on over the last 8 years.


CD - 

  1. Won't Be Home
  2. Moonlight
  3. Borrowed Bride
  4. Smokers
  5. Coahuila
  6. Blinding Sheets Of Rain
  7. Valium Waltz
  8. In The Satellite Rides A Star
  9. The New Kid
  10. Bloomington
  11. Adelaide
  12. Friends Forever
  13. No Mother
  14. Won't Be Home*
  15. Smokers*
  16. Friends Forever*
  17. The New Kid*

*Bonus Tracks - Live At The Troubadour

DVD - 

  1. Won’t Be Home (Live At The Troubadour)
  2. Smokers (Live At The Troubadour)
  3. Friends Forever (Live At The Troubadour)
  4. The New Kid (Live At The Troubadour)
  5. Old 97’s Backstage Mini-Documentary
  6. In The Satellite Rides A Star (Music Video)