Outlaw Country - Live From Austin, TX [CD]

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It's a simple concept: find the best songwriters around and sit them down onstage. It's worked many times over the years. But there was something beyond special about this particular night in September 1996. We not only had some of the finest songwriters, but some of the living legends of country music - kindred spirits who had seen and done it all. Except for something like this. Willie, Waylon, Kris, Billy Joe and Kimmie. They might as well have been in your living room. To them, the cameras were invisible. Each played a few of their favorite songs - some never performed before, anywhere. Songs of heartbreak, faith, defiance. There were stories, 'remember whens' and laughs. There were plenty of laughs that night, amid the sense that what we were seeing and hearing might never happen again. It all came together at the end with Willie's familiar refrain, "On The Road Again." At one point in the show Waylon said, "Boy, wouldn't you hate to try to edit this damn thing?!" We had to do it for TV, but now for the first time, it's all here - just like they were back in your living room again. 

-Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

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  • Stereo


  1. Fighter
  2. I'd Have Been Out Of Jail
  3. Just One Love
  4. First And Last Time
  5. We Don't Run
  6. Promise
  7. I Do Believe
  8. Espiritu Santo Bay
  9. You Just Can't Beat Jesus Christ
  10. Too Sick To Pray
  11. Pilgrim's Progress
  12. Just Watch Your Mama and Me
  13. Lines
  14. On The Road Again

    Recorded September 22, 1996

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