Patterson Hood - Killers and Stars [CD]

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Hood recorded Killers and Stars by himself in his kitchen in early March 2001. The album was never really intended for release, but a few homemade copies were burned and sold at solo shows and it became a bit of an underground collectable. The album is somewhat quieter and spookier than DBT's releases, but it shares some of the same vibe and humor. Killers and Stars has 12 songs, simply featuring acoustic guitars, mandolin and harmony vocals. It features "Uncle Disney" which Patterson has been performing frequently at DBT shows, as well as "Old Timers Disease", "Phil's Transplant", and Hood's cover of Tom T. Hall's "Pay No Attention To Alice". 


  1. Uncle Disney
  2. Rising Son
  3. The Assassin
  4. Pay No Attention To Alice
  5. Belinda Carlisle Diet
  6. Fire 
  7. Hobo
  8. Miss Me Gone
  9. Phil's Transplant
  10. Frances Farmer
  11. Old Timer's Disease
  12. Cat Power