Shaver - The Earth Rolls On [CD]

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"Father and son Shaver achieve one of their most powerful syntheses to date--punctuating the plainspoken poetry of Billy Joe's hardscrabble songs with the electrifying charge of Eddy's blues-rock guitar. Recruiting musicians that include Springsteen bassist Gary Tallent and Wilco's keyboardist Jay Bennett and drummer Ken Coomer, the Shavers push country music to its extremes. It's hard to imagine a more exhilarating anthem than the album-opening "Love Is So Sweet," a funnier kiss-off song than "Leavin' Amarillo," or a gut-punch testament that hits harder than the collection's centerpiece, "Blood Is Thicker Than Water." On the six-minute title cut that closes the album, Eddy displays a subtle sensitivity at odds with his reputation as a guitar firebrand. Unfortunately, one of 2001's best albums is a bittersweet triumph, a renewal for the father but an epitaph for the son, with Eddy's death following the sessions." --Don McLeese


  1. Love Is So Sweet 
  2. Evergreen Fields
  3. Hard Headed Heart
  4. New York City Girl
  5. Restless Wind
  6. Sail Of My Soul
  7. You're Too Much For Me
  8. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  9. Star In My Heart 
  10. It's Not Over Till It's Over
  11. Hearts A' Bustin
  12. Leavin' Amarillo
  13. I Don't Seem To Fit Anywhere 
  14. The Earth Rolls On