The Drams - Jubilee Dive [CD]

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Jam packed with brawny, spirited, hands-in-the-air rockers, stirring anthem and harrowing ventures exploring a culture sapped by hollow heroes and soul-killing, high-tech crapola, The Drams careen out of Texas with Jubilee Dive- a welcome jolt of rock 'n roll that is fresh and vital!


  1. The Truth Lies Low
  2. Hummalong
  3. Holy Moses
  4. Unhinged
  5. Fireflies
  6. September's High
  7. You Won't Forget
  8. You & Me, MF
  9. When Your Tired
  10. Shortsighted 
  11. Crudely Drawn
  12. Make A Book
  13. Des Moines
  14. Wonderous Life