Tim Easton - Break Your Mother’s Heart [CD]

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What the ears have here is the latest album by Tim Easton—Break Your Mother’s Heart—which definitively stakes his place in the first rank of contemporary rock troubadours. Tim’s natural talent is in full view and the songs are expertly played and sung. Sonically, the warmth and feel of the past is evoked. It’s the kind of record that just doesn’t come along every day.

Certainly, Tim's singing has never been better recorded, and a good part of the credit is due to his co-producer John Hanlon, a West Coast engineer/producer whose credits include Neil Young, Grandaddy, and the Beach Boys. Nearly all of the ten songs were cut in one or two takes, with Tim playing guitar and singing live in the same room as the band.

Break Your Mother’s Heart features Tim on acoustic and electric guitars, harmonica, mandolin, keyboards, and percussion. He is accompanied by a close-knit trio of skilled session players led by master drummer Jim Keltner whose 40-year career spans sessions with everyone from John Lennon to Randy Newman. Keltner locks in seamlessly with the deep melodic bass lines of Hutch Hutchinson (longtime member of the Bonnie Raitt band) and the exhilarating keyboard work of Jai Winding (most notably an alumnus of Jackson Browne’s group).


  1. Poor, Poor LA
  2. Black Hearted Ways
  3. John Gilmartin
  4. Hanging Tree
  5. Lexington Jail
  6. Hummingbird
  7. Amor Azul
  8. Watching The Lightning
  9. Man That You Need
  10. True Ways