Waylon Jennings '84 - Live From Austin, TX [Vinyl]

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Looking back, why did it take ten years to finally lure Waylon Jennings to the Austin City Limits stage for his first performance? Like everything else about the man, he did things his own way - when he was damn good and ready. Maybe it had something to do with that other Texas singer, that Red-Headed Stranger who shook things up in Austin and country music in general. Waylon wasn't sure what the fuss was all about (as he sang, "It don't matter who's in Austin, Bob Wills is STILL the King!").

-Terry Lickona (Producer Austin City Limits®)

  • Pressed on vinyl for the first time
  • 180g black vinyl
  • 12", 1-LP


Side A - 

  1. Are You Ready For The Country
  2. Clyde
  3. I Can Get Off On You
  4. People Up In Texas
  5. It's Not Supposed To Be That Way
  6. Don't You Think This Outlaw Bit's Done Got Out Of Hand
  7. You Asked Me To
  8. Dreaming My Dreams With You
Side B - 
  1. Good Hearted Woman
  2. I May Be Used (But Baby I Ain't Used Up)
  3. Let's Turn Back The Years
  4. Honky Tonk Heroes
  5. I Ain't Living Long Like This
  6. I've Always Been Crazy

    Recorded August 7, 1984

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